London Calling For Titan Pile Tests

The Titan 650 has been use to test piles on an important site in London.

Pile testing specialists Non Destructive Testing Services Ltd used the innovative pile testing system to carry out a static load test on a 450mm test pile at Greenwich Peninsula in London.

NDT Services were the first pile testing company to purchase the Titan 650, the world’s first fully automated and remotely controllable static test piling system.

The Nottingham based pile testing firm specialise in pile integrity testing, static pile maintained load testing and dynamic load testing.

Proof Test

NDT Director John Purser, said: “The proof test was required to comply with strict settlement criteria using a bespoke four cycle load increment schedule.

“It was an ideal test scenario for NDT to deploy their Titan 650 test system which can deliver precise loadings and record pile and reaction frame movement continuously – which can be viewed and controlled both on site and via remote access.”

NDT Services were supported by operatives from Atlas Pile Testing Services for the test and the results were monitored by the team at The Datum Group.


The Titan 650 was launched earlier this summer after two years of development by the Datum Group, Europe’s leading geotechnical and structural monitoring experts for Atlas Pile Testing Systems. It is fully compliant with ICE SPERWall Third Edition.

The Titan 650 is remotely controlled, automated, programmable load applicator for static load tests of piles, anchors and soil nails. It is fully compliant with the ICE SPERWall Third Edition.

The Titan 650 system enables the test controller to apply a schedule of load steps and to maintain the load for any duration. It’s remote system records pile and reaction movement and presents data in real time while a sophisticated pump control system to deliver load through the jack to very high accuracy and efficiency.

Wireless displacement sensors record the pile movement and a wireless load cell records the load applied by the Titan 650. Additional sensors record the movement of the reaction frame and kentledge which means load is applied automatically and incrementally with real-time monitoring and control.

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