How it works

The Titan 650 is a remotely controlled, automated, programmable load applicator for static load tests of piles, anchors and soil nails.

The system enables the test controller to apply a schedule of load steps and to maintain the load for any duration. It’s remote system records pile and reaction movement and presents data in real time. It has a sophisticated pump control system to deliver load through the jack to very high accuracy and efficiency.

Wireless displacement sensors record the pile movement and a wireless load cell records the load applied by the Titan 650. Additional sensors record the movement of the reaction frame and kentledge. This means load is applied automatically and incrementally with real-time monitoring and control.

Mobile, durable, portable

The Titan 650 can be delivered to site and easily moved into position with a trailer. The Titan 650 can remain on the trailer for the duration of the test.

Lifting points

Four lifting eyes rated at 2.5 tonnes each are located on the roof. The Titan 650 is also forklift compatible to facilitate its positioning anywhere on site.

Begin Set Up

The Test Technician opens the rear sliding door to access the master ON/OFF switch. A touch screen panel is used to help set up the test in a series of steps.

Reference Frame Set Up

The Titan 650 comes equipped with a quick connect reference frame system stored on a bespoke dispensing storage system.

Wireless Sensors

Settlement and reaction uplift sensors are removed from their charging cases and configuring to the reference frame.

Attach Sensors and Load Cell

The wireless displacement sensors are attached to the reference frame with super clamps and magnetic locating plates.

Uplift and Reaction Frame Sensors

Additional wireless sensors record the movement of the reaction frame and kentledge.

Test Set-up Procedure

The Test Technician logs onto the secure Titan 650 to complete a series of safety checks and set test parameters. The test can now begin.

Remote Viewing and Control

Once the Titan 650 set-up procedure has been completed by the Test Technician the test can begin. The Test Controller, who can be located anywhere in the world, can view the test as it happens or choose to receive timed reports. At any point during the test, the Test Controller can remotely control the test, for example applying or reducing load, the schedule or duration of load steps.

Live Test Screen

The Test Controller receives real time feedback and is able to amend the test and it's parameters.

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