Titan 650 Key Note Speech In China

Atlas Pile Testing Systems founder Rory O’Rourke presented the Titan 650 to China’s National Academic Piling Conference.

He was the only international guest speaker invited to address the prestigious two-day conference in Hefi.

O’Rourke, CEO of the Datum Group and founder of Atlas Pile Testing Systems, presented to delegates via an interpreter.

He told how the Titan 650, the world’s first fully automated and remotely controllable pile testing system has been hailed the safest, most accurate pile testing system on the market.

Hundreds of technician and potential customers listened as O’Rourke revealed the benefits of the Titan 650, which is fully compliant with the ICESPERWall Third Edition.


O’Rourke, said: “It was an honour to be asked to present and there was no doubt that the audience were genuinely interested in the Titan 650 and the advantages it offers to the industry.

“There was no real issue with the language barrier as pile testing is the same the world over.

‘But it is clear that the technological advances offered by the Titan 650 could be hugely advantages to the construction industry in China and across Asia.

“Some, not all, but some of the techniques used across Asia are outdated and rely on manual labour which can be dangerous and time intensive.

“The Titan 650 offers a huge advancement for piling companies across Asia and the feedback was incredible and we hope we can raise the standards of the industry worldwide.”

O’Rourke spoke at the Piling Conference in Hefi on the second leg of a three-week tour across China addressing pile testing experts.


He flew to Guangzhou to address technicians at Earth Products China and potential customers and delivered a key-note speech via an interpreter.

Earth Products China, or EPC, has agreed a strategic partnership with Atlas Pile Testing Systems and will work as agents for the Titan 650 across China and Hong Kong.

Having addressed the audience in Hefi it was off to Jinan to deliver a presentation to EPC employees and potential clients.

O’Rourke, said: “Chinese people are great, they are hugely respectful and interested in learning about new methods that can help them to provide a better service. and we are great and he

“It was a great trip and I am excited for the future. It is not just exciting for the Atlas Pile Testing Team but the UK as a whole as it demonstrates we can manufacture products of quality that the rest of the world are interested in.”

O’Rourke also attended meetings in Guangzhou and Jinan during his whistle-stop tour of China and will be returning soon as EPC await delivery of their first Titan 650.

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Titan 650 – Chinese Promo

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