New Pile Testing System Launched by Atlas

Atlas Pile Testing Systems has officially launched the Titan 650.

The Titan 650 is a fully automated and unmanned static load testing system for the piling industry that sets the standard for safety, accuracy and control.

Fully compliant with the new third-edition of the ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls, The Titan 650 has a number of key features including;

  • Safety (removing operatives from a high risk environment);
  • Accuracy (precise increments of load and pile displacement measurements)
  • Transparency (designers can view live data and amend the test in the field, remotely)
  • Expediency (a test controller can be located anywhere in the world)
  • Efficiency (Tests are completed quicker and more directly).

The Titan 650 builds on more than 20-years of piling sector experience, utilising the latest innovations and technology to present a fast, reliable, smart and safe pile testing system that offers many advantages over existing pile testing methods.

Speaking about the new Titan 650 Rory O’Rourke, CEO of European monitoring leaders The Datum Group and lead at Atlas Pile Testing Systems said:

“The Titan 650 is a long overdue development for the foundation testing industry. The Titan 650 sets unparalleled standards in safety, accuracy and control. It has the capacity to deliver precise loads for testing soil nails or large scale static load tests, as well as having wireless control systems that facilitates rapid set up and for precise control.”

The Titan 650 is designed specifically for foundation testing and can be used for any type of pile, anchor or bearing test.

Operation is simple with programming entered into the system from a built in touch screen HMI from simplified menu system. Standardised or customised test regimes to suit any standard or specification are available.

Live test data can be viewed using a smartphone, laptop or PC, from any location worldwide via an encrypted connection, with the ‘Test Controller’ retaining complete control to pause or customise the test recipe at any instant.

Low voltage, self-powered, and operating silently and efficiently for many weeks between recharging, the Titan 650 has trailer mount options for fast and easy to set-up.

For more information about the Titan 650 or Atlas Pile Testing Systems, contact the company on 0161 797 5511 or email;

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